Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Baby Grand, by Richard Paul Evans

So, this book, I just found here, is selling for up to $300 online.  That's IF you can find it.  I not only have this book, but I paid $5.00 for it from Richard, himself (ok, his assistant), and it has his autograph in it. 
Oh, yeah, baby.  ;)

I read it, today, in a matter of minutes.  It's 22 pages long, I think, so quick read, for sure.  But it was sweet.  It's the true story of how Richard tried to surprise his wife with a baby grand piano for Mother's Day and she accidentally finds out about it.  Short and sweet.

Made me think of this last Christmas.  A big box arrived via some parcel service and my husband told me it was from a friend of ours.  I sort of panicked because we hadn't thought of getting them anything.  I insisted on going to the store and getting them a gift, asap.  So, we did.  :) 
What my husband may have forgotten, not unlike RPE, is that I'm in charge of the bills.  ;) I saw that a significant amount of money had been spent by one of us, most likely not myself.  (haha)
Upon examining the aforementioned box, I noticed it had a range of numbers in the form of "mm".  That got me putted the pieces together in my head.... don't cameras deal with "mm"s? I want a camera... someone spent a lot of money on something recently...
So, I knew (figured, rather) that I was getting a camera for Christmas. 
And I did.  A really nice, somewhat expensive camera that I wasn't expecting till my 50th wedding anniversary. 
And it wasn't from our friends.  ;)
To this day, my husband doesn't know I knew but played along, anyway.  And he doesn't read this blog so the secret is between you and me.  ;)