Friday, December 16, 2011

Lost December, by Richard Paul Evans

This book came out November 11th - the day of my last posting.  I didn't even get it until some time after that - and then I put off starting it because if you've ever read one of his books you know that they're super fast reads - and I just didn't want it to end so quicky!

This was a good one, of course.  It's a modern day story of the prodigal son.  It has your life lessons, your quotes you'll want to write down and remember, your deep and profound thinking, and of course, your love story.  It's a book about harsh reality, love and forgiveness.  You'll want to keep reading it as soon as you start.  And the ending - totally rocks!

I have to say, though, towards the end, it almost seemed as though he realized he was getting carried away with the story and tried to shorten the good parts just so he could get them all in before he hit a certain page number.  It was a very good story, though, and very well-written, otherwise.  :)  I hope he never stops putting these babies out.  ;)