Monday, May 21, 2012

Shades of Milk and Honey, by Mary Robinette Kowal

I finally found time to start (and finish!) a book! And this one was a great one to get me back in the game, again!

If you like Jane Austen, you'll love this romance.  It's not mush and gush; it's just lovely.  :)  It sort of has a Sense and Sensibility feel to it.  There's a twist, though:  the author has her characters practicing magic as if it were just another talent young women learn to catch a beau.  I generally don't go for the magic-type books, but this one was worth the read.  I would take it with me in the car or to bed or wherever I could get a spare minute to read! I have the sequel on hold at the library, so stay tuned for the next one! :)

***Added July 13, 2012***
Tried reading the sequel.  Not as good as the first.  Didn't captivate me like the first one did.  Never finished it.