Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Thirteenth Tale

I just finished reading a book my mom gave me....... IT WAS SO GOOD!

And when I Googled it, the awesomest website came up! Click HERE if you want to read it ONLINE!!!

It starts with a letter from an author to a biographer, only she does biographies of deceased people, so this live one she's about to turn down. But the author mentions a story about twins and she's captivated - she has a twin, herself, only the twin died at birth. This famous author is known for giving several different accounts of her life story, but never the real one. Now that she is old and ill, she's chosen this biographer to tell her final story to. One of her previous books was, at first, entitled, "Thirteen Tales", only there were 12 tales and the whole world is kept wondering about this 13th tale... Could this be it?? As the story is told to her, the biographer isn't sure if what she's being told is the truth, until she finds bits and pieces of evidence showing her that what she's being told, really happened. Then, at the end, just when the pieces are not quite fitting into the perfect picture, there's a twist, a new detail that solves the puzzle of puzzles, and everything becomes clear. It's a story full of unforgettable characters, plots that make you want to go back and reread because they're so shocking, you can't possibly have read it right, and as you read, you find yourself unlocking the mystery - only to find at the end you were wrong all along. Then, when you're done, you want to go back and reread the whole thing because you've had the ah-ha moment the author intended you to have. (Kind of like The Sixth Sense, if you ever saw that!)

I love books that wait till the very end for the climax, but keep you wanting to keep climbing and climbing until you get there. I highly recommend this very good read!

I'm starting another book today, and if my schedule allows, I'll have it finished in a few days to a week. I'll do a review on it when I'm finished.

I love reading and try to fit it in whenever possible... sometimes late, late at night when I should be sleeping, but can't because the book's just too darn good! (That didn't happen last night, I swear.)

Keep watching for more reviews! ;)

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