Friday, March 26, 2010

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

This was a charming book, to say the least.  It takes place shortly after WWII on a Channel Island named Guernsey.  Well, most of the story takes place there, anyway.  The whole book is basically letters sent back and forth between the characters, which tells the story of a young author discovering the island and it's people.  She falls in love with the island and the people on it and ends up marrying one of them.  (That's the shortest review EVER, I think.) I'd buy this book, it was such a joy to read! The story itself is simple and talks of the effect the war had on the island and it's people.  The characters are so well portrayed that I felt I was getting to know them myself, or was the main character herself, experiencing the beauty of life and coming to love these simply islanders.  The story wasn't one of suspense or a heady romance, but I found myself not wanting it to end, just the same.  I would definitely read it again and hope it crosses my path again in the future.


Kara Herron said...

I just finished this book too. I really loved it. I cared about the characters and the story was nice. Probably one of my top books of this year.

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Jami said...

Thanks for reading! :)