Friday, May 14, 2010

The Walk, by Richard Paul Evans

I read this in 3.5 hours yesterday.  Well, last night, rather.  It was excellent.  (RPE usually is.)

This book is the story about a man, Alan Christoffersen, who has the career of his dreams, the perfect house, expensive cars, and best of all, the love of his life.  Things couldn't be better.  Then the worst happens and he manages to lose it all within a short amount of time.  On the verge of suicide, he hears a voice that tells him that life is not his to take, and he remembers a promise he made to his wife right before she dies to live.  So, he sells everything he can and starts a journey.  He walks, bringing only what he can carry on his back.  Along his path so far, he meets several people who change the way he sees life, people who were put in his path for a reason.  Angry with God, he tries to find it in himself to make sense of what happened.  His journey started in Seattle, Washington and will take him to Key West, Florida.  This is the first of five in a series, so naturally, it just ends, leaving a person hanging... till next April!! I learned a lot from this book, it was truly inspiring and thought provoking.  I love how one of the messages it teaches is that life is full of trials, it's what we do with those trials that defines who we are.  Richard Paul Evans must be a well of wisdom, that's all I can say.  :)

I read this in one evening, if that tells you how good it was, and I'm sure to read it again before the next one comes out.  I would seriously recommend it.  If you've never read RPE, it's worth your time (and money, if you choose to buy it - I would!) (Oh, wait, I already did!). And if you have read RPE before, this book is true to form and will keep you an RPE fan for life, I'm sure.

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