Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Shadow of Your Smile, by Mary Higgins Clark

I waited for what seemed like forever for my library's copy of this book to finally become available. 

It was well worth the wait, too!

Mary Higgins Clark is the best in my book when it comes to weaving tales of mystery and suspence, who-dunnits and even a smidge of romance.

Her latest was good from the get-go, as usual, with her usual way of adding pieces to the puzzle through her plethora of characters, all well written and thought out.  I love how she makes things seem a little obvious at times, then adds yet another piece to the puzzle and throws you for a loop till the very end when it all comes together and you have the ah-ha moment she intended.

In this novel, she included everything from a nun's beatification to murder, from charity foundations to scandal.  It was definitely a good read and is right up there with all of her other books.  Keep 'em comin', Mary!

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