Wednesday, December 8, 2010

In the Dark Streets Shineth, as told by David McCullough

This was a sweet little Christmas book.  It took me all of 10 minutes (or something like that) to read, but it was really nice.

What I especially liked about this book is the message given by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on Christmas Eve 1942, right after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  He spoke of hope and faith and Christ and prayer and God.  He said we have to pull together as a country.  He said we have to rely on this season, the Christmas season, and Christ and our Heavenly Father to get us through this tough time of war and turmoil....words Obama will never utter.  Words he should read and take an example from.  A message our country sorely needs now, more than ever.  We may not be at war with the world in the usual sense of the term, but we're at war with ourselves, in our very own country.  Everyone fighting for the right to be who they are but not being able to do so without "offending" someone else.  A reminder of why we have this country in the first place, why it was fought for time and time again.  A message about values that are all too quickly being forgotten. 

Anywho, that's my opinion, I loved the book.

Let's remember today the people who, once upon a time, fought and died for our freedom.

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