Saturday, February 18, 2012

Matched, by Ally Condie

This, I guess, is the first of a trilogy... of which I will not be finishing.

It was an ok book - took me a while to get it read due to my having a baby (!!!) and not being that interested in it.

It greatly reminded me of the Hunger Games - taking place in the future, a girl who has to choose between two guys (one she's paired with, one she's not), an all-powerful government that pretty much controls everything that happens because of chaos that happened in the past resulting in war, teenagers rebelling against the system, everyone being seperated into districts or providences... VERY similar. 

It's about a girl who's matched with a guy, her best friend.  But, she falls in love with someone she's not supposed to fall in love with and wants to rebel and make her own choices.  The government she has to answer to controls everything - from the food they eat, the songs they listen to, to when they die.  It was mildly entertaining, but not enough to get me to want to finish the series to find out what happens.  Maybe some day.  Who knows.  :)

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