Friday, July 13, 2012

Save Me From Myself, by Brian "Head" Welch

This was an amazing autobiography.  I truly love reading real people's real stories.

"Head" was the founder and lead guitarist of the heavy metal group "Korn".  I never listened to them, growing up, so I ventured onto Netflix to view one of their concerts. 


This man found God after being a member of quite a "colorful" band that sang songs that had "colorful" lyrics in them. 


His story and testimony are deep and powerful.  It's awesome to me, a fellow Christian, to see how God reaches out to all of His children, no matter where they are in their lives. 

This was a wonderful testament of God's love for His children and the many ways He uses His other children to reach out and show His love to all.  That this man was able to change his life around the way he did is truly miraculous.  It just goes to show that good always does conquer over evil.

I would recommend reading it.  :)

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