Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Heretic Queen, by Michelle Moran

I cannot get enough of this author! I'm so bummed that I've read all of her books already. 

This book happens after the last book I read of hers, being told my Nefertari, the daughter of Mutny, who's point of view was the focus of the last book.  A lot more of this book was fiction, but still based on a lot of historical facts and characters.  The Pharaoh of this story is Ramsses II, husband to Nefertari.  It tells of his reign, Nefertari's love for him and his love for her, the birth of their first two sons, his other wife's jealousy, his famous war in Kadesh and so much more! There's even a touch of mystery linking everything at the end, creating an unforgettable ending.  I'm thinking this one was slightly better than the last two, but not by much.  The web of plots this author weaves is so well-done and creates quite the page-turner.  It's one of those books that causes you to have a love/hate relationship with the ending in that you love how it ends, but hate that it's over.  She paints such a romantic picture of Egypt and its rulers, and writes so well what very well may have happened.  Her knowledge of the time is impeccable, which is made obvious throughout the book. 

I sincerely hope this author comes out with more books as she has become one of my favorites.  I highly recommend all three that I've come across.

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