Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nefertiti, by Michelle Moran

More applause for Michelle Moran!

This book is so well-written and so informative all wrapped up in intrigue and just a whole bunch of goodness.  I've not known much about anything Egyptian but have become highly fascinated by it because of these books! The way she portrays their customs and mannerisms is amazing!
When I was a kid, I had the opportunity to visit our local history museum while King Tut was on display... I wish I had known then what I know now, I would've felt a higher reverence for him and his life.  Nefertiti was the Queen to King Tut's father, a heretic king who attempts to overthrow Egypt's god and introduce another for worship.  Nefertiti is brought into the marriage in hopes to quell his desires.  Instead, she builds him up and eventually makes herself Pharoah along with him.  The story is told by Nefertiti's sister, who eventually is entrusted in the raising of King Tut because of his mother dying shortly after giving birth.  It's a story of love, herecy, tragedy, power... and so much more! I really enjoy reading her novels and learning more than a bit about the past.  I highly, highly recommend reading them! In fact, my next book is one she wrote, as well.  Love them!

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