Monday, July 25, 2011

Miles to Go, by Richard Paul Evans

Aah, another awesome book by the awesome Richard Paul Evans. 

Alan started his journey from Seattle to Key West when his wife died, his partner stole his clients causing him to lose his business, and he loses his house to foreclosure.  He was held up at the end of the last book by a mugging/stabbing.  He was in the hospital... that's where this books starts.

He meets a woman who changes his life, or rather, he changes hers.  This leads to the changing of other lives.  Which leads to a slight downfall in his own.... then he meets someone he knows.... then it ends without telling you who!

I don't want to give too many details because you really should read these books, but, as usual, this book is jam-packed full of wisdom and is so well-written.  RPE really does have a talent for poetically weaving a story together.  As I read it, I wanted to write down and remember so many of the little tidbits of great thoughts and ways of seeing life - he really does know his stuff! I loved it!

I'm on vacation right now and didn't want to wait until I got home to do this review, which is why it's short.  Do read the book, though.  Start with the first, of course, if you haven't already.

Hurry, though, because he has another book coming out August 9th! It's totally different than what we're used to seeing from him, so this should be good!

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