Sunday, February 2, 2014

Are you still there?

Just over a month after the last time I posted something, I moved to a new state.

I've still been reading books; good ones.  I find it more satisfying to simply read them and let them absorb rather than read and tell all.  That was getting exhausting.

Why can't a book just be?

I'm currently reading a book, again.  Haven't read one in a very long time, and I find it's difficult getting back to where I was, with the yearning for more that I had.

I'm juggling babysitting and this new book.  That, and I've been attempting to ward off dementia and Alzheimer's with mind puzzle books.  (I don't have either, but my grandmother's just been diagnosed.)  Not to mention my four bought and paid for kids, the laundry *yawn* and everything else a SAHM is accused of not doing.

I'm seriously boring myself even with this post.

Why am I here? (posting)

Good question.

Keep reading.  It, also, is good for your brain.

You really cannot over-tax the mind.

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