Monday, November 30, 2009

Somebody's Baby by Charlotte Vale Allen

My review of this book is pretty straightforward:  It's about a 31 year old woman who's mother just suffered a heart attack, and on her death bed tells her daughter that she kidnapped her in a supermarket when she was a baby.  Then she dies, telling of a letter that confesses everything and starts this woman on a search for her real mother/family.  She finds her, it'a joyous reunion and all is well.  She tries to find out who her "mother" really was, finding dead end after dead end and numerous identity changes, all leading nowhere.  It turns out she had stolen something like 20+ identities since she was a teenager and planned the whole kidnapping for whatever reason and the book just leaves you hanging as to who this woman really was.  The author could've at least said she was abused as a child and stole all the money that made her so wealthy and wanted a new life but was physically unable to have children due to the horrid abuse she endured as a child and was also unable to get close to any man, also due to her childhood abuse... anything but nothing would've been good.  Fiction should end well, not happily, necessarily, but at least have closure, you know? That's my opinion, anyway.  It was a decent book, and kept me turning pages till the very end... which is probably why I kept reading it even though there were more than two bad words, but only increased my disappointment more at the end when I couldn't even solve the mystery.  Oh, well.  Chalk one up to... well, whatever.  ;)

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