Friday, November 20, 2009

Storm Front, by Jim Butcher

It took me EIGHT DAYS to read this book, Storm Front by Jim Butcher, and that, for me, is a very LONG time. 

So, if there were just a handful of words I would use to describe this book, they would be cocky, unrealistic, dark, lame, and sex.  There were two F-words, too.  They were towards the very, very end (like within a few pages of the ending) or I would've stopped.  Still, there was a lot of swearing, and like I said before, some obsession with sex.  Yuck.  Plus, the whole magic/wizard thing is just plain bizarre to me.  On the whole, I didn't like it and won't be reading this author in the future.  I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone as a worth-while read and hope those who were reading right along with me won't hold it against me.  ;)

I suppose I can try to say a few good things about this book:  yyyyeaaaah, nope.  Not really.  The plot was so simple-minded and just not twisty and turny enough for me (I'm used to Mary Higgins Clark... now that broad can write one heckuva mystery AND keep it clean, all at the same time). His attempt at being funny was so obviously that:  an attempt.  I have to give him this, though, it sounds as though he's done his research on the "Nevernever" and magic and all that cra- um...stuff.  I don't know anything about it, but I would have to guess he's not making this stuff up.  Or maybe he is, who knows.  (Who cares...) Sorry, that was low. 

I'm totally book-bashing, and I can't say I'm proud to be doing that, because he's published and I'm not, right? So, who am I to talk? It's just my humble opinion and you can take it or leave it.  ;) On to the next...

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Druciana said...

Sorry you didn't like the book. I didn't realize that it had that kind of language in it. I know you wouldn't like that. I like wizardy books, so that part isn't bugging me. It is just the time factor that is keeping me from reading it as much as I would like.