Monday, October 26, 2009

Am I Dead?


I just had quenched my thirst for reading when I finished my RPE book.  Didn't last tooo long, though... ;)

I started a day or two ago the book on the right column I said I'm currently reading:  The Probable Future, by Alice Hoffman. 

So far, very good, very emotional book.  It's about the Sparrow family women and their "gifts" they wake up with on their 13th birthday.  Stella is one of the main characters and can see how people die.  Not a very fun gift for her so far.  She's pushing away from her mother due to her parent's divorce and I can feel her mother's pain in simply craving the closeness she so wants and needs with her daughter.  Her father's a loser and I'm guessing the mother was meant to be with his brother, but haven't gotten that far, yet.

I'm halfway through and I can't wait till my next free kids-in-bed moment when I can read more! I'll hopefully have it finished by tomorrow night, so I can tell all.

Ok, on to more serious business:  Who's up for a reading group book? I know, you're so excited, right? :)

If you are interested, list a book or two or three you'd like to read together, then we'll put it to a vote or I'll just pick one - ha -and we'll get this ball rolling.  :)

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