Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Break's Over

So, I started my RPE book last night around 9:30pm... and after reading a little today, I'm almost done! It is SO GOOD!!! I seriously even put off bathroom breaks until my bladder was on the verge of explosion! (TMI, I know, but I'm just painting a picture, here.)

So far, it's about a guy who found his obituary posted by accident, followed by a vaste amount of quite negative comments online by people who were literally celebrating his death.  Turns out, it was another man who died with the same name.  This article sets into motion his trying to make amends with several people he's seriously hurt in his life, including his dying wife and son.  Things aren't going smoothly at all and people don't respond well to his too-late apologies. 

I'm not going to say anymore because it's so good you just have to read it yourself! I love how RPE writes so well and invokes self-examination and equally importantly, keeps it clean!

You're sorely missing out if you pass up the opportunity to read this oh-so-awesome book! I wish he'd come out with more than one a year! I think I put off reading his new ones (you know, for a day or two) so I can put off the inevitably LONG waiting period of a year before he comes out with his next marvelous creation.

I'll post again when I finish the book - probably by the end of today, if I get my chores done first.  (Stinkin' chores!)

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