Friday, October 9, 2009


So, I was reading the book "Birds in Fall" by Brad Kessler... but stopped.  Within the first chapter, there were FOUR F-words.  I know there are some out there that aren't bothered by this, and some who wonder why I am... but I am, that's all there is to it.  Why, though?? Why does one have to say "Where's the (f-ing) umbrella?" What is so wrong with just saying "Where's the umbrella?" Really?? Was the author trying to meet a word quota? Do they not know any other intelligent words?? I just think the F-word is so trashy and totally takes away from the story.  I was a good story, too! So far, it was about a plane crash and how all the family members of the victims were gathering at an inn on an island off of Nova Scotia to find closure.  What does the F-word have to do with any of that?? Ugh.  SO, now I'm reading another book by an author I've never heard of, but, hoping for the best. 

Does anyone have suggestions on authors that write clean??


Carrrie said...

how annoying! I totally agree with you about how frustrating that is. I would have stopped reading it as well!

Jami said...

It was very sad to find those words. My husband was like "Don't you normally stop at two?" I do. I don't know why I kept going, even after the third. I'm done, now, though. Good news? My RPE book arrived today!! :)