Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Blackbird House by Alice Hoffman

This was an interesting book, a quick read, too.  It starts with a family who's built a house in Cape Cod, Massechusetts.  It tells their story of how the father and his two sons leave for the yearly fishing trip, the last one for this family.  A sudden storm arrives and the ship goes down.  The mother's in denial about it for over a year, but when her youngest son's pet blackbird comes home without them, she knows.  The blackbird is now white, but she knows it's the same bird.  From that point, it hints that her oldest son survived and returned home. 
After this story, it goes from story to story, family to family, each one taking place in this very same house over a span of 200 years.  It's quite interesting, really, to know what's happened and how their all related.  Throughout the book, there's mention of a white blackbird that lives on the property.  Some say it's a ghost, others say it doesn't exist at all.  It doesn't have much to do with each story's plot, but it's there just the same.  The stories aren't always happily ever afters, some leaving you guessing how they actually end, yet they're all somehow intertwined.  Alice Hoffman is the author of the book, now movie, "Practical Magic".  There's a subtle darkness to her writing.  Not evil, but not your typical fairy tale quality.  The stories are intriguing, enough to keep you reading till the very end.  Sadly, there were two F-words, but not till the end, as well as a few other swear-words, all taking place in the story occuring in the late 60's, early 70's.  I wonder why that is? And, of course, there's mention of a witch in her story.  I'm gathering from other books of hers I've checked out, she's into that sort of thing.  I have another of her books on my counter waiting for me to read it.  Maybe after this next one...

I'd recommend it if you're in for some entertainment, but not if you're looking for something that touches your soul.  This one just didn't do that for me.  It was good, but not great.

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