Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Probable Future by Alice Hoffman

This was such an emotional book! I felt the characters big time in this one, such feelings as sorrow, regret, love of so many levels, pain, anger, fear, and so many more...

This book focused on a plethora of characters, all linked together and coming together differently at the end.  I love the way this woman writes and entertwines the story so well. 

It takes place in a small town in Massachusetts called Unity.  It's based on a family of women that wake up on their thirteenth birthday with a gift of some sort, the most recent is the gift (if you will) of seeing the way someone's going to die.  What this character, Stella, finds out, though, is sometimes she can prevent this death.  Trying to do this gets her father accused of murder and gets her and her mother living with her grandmother, whom her mother hasn't spoken to in years.  Stella has been pulling away from her mother since her parents' divorce, her father being a liar of sorts and very unfaithful to his wife.  She trusts him, nonetheless.  Somehow, everyone ends up back in this small town where the story began 300 years ago for the Sparrow family.  I can't begin to describe the main theme of this book without just telling you about the whole thing, for telling about one part and leaving out another would simply not do this book justice.  There's romance, mystery, intrigue, danger, history, lore, and such a real feeling of love.  I do not buy books unless I'm going to read them more than once, and this is definitely a book on my list of books to buy. 

If you want a book that touches you and stays with you so that you have to continue to ponder it once you read the last page in order to digest it all, this is definitely a must read! I highly recommend it! It's a book that you won't want to end, but will love the ending just the same.  It's also clean, I love that.  This is an author I'm adding to my list, for sure.

For a sneak peak inside, click here.

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