Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Keep Moving Forward!

The ideas were given to me to add additional authors to this blog who could also do book reviews, also, to have sort of a book club, where we can all read the same book and have a discussion of sorts somehow (via comment section, maybe?).  I love these ideas!

What are your thoughts on this?

Do you have suggestions on how you would do it?

One thing I was thinking, is you could read a book and send me the review via email and I'll just copy and paste your exact wording onto a new post, that way anyone can contribute at any time. 

Also, I was thinking maybe I could add a list to the side column of books people have suggested as a good read.  Just a thought. 

I'm always open to suggestions for good books! I have a limited list of authors I know I'll like but the problem is I've read most if not all of there work, and whenever I try a new author, I end up being disappointed by finding they like the use of the F-word or graphically, disgustingly-detailed sex-scenes.  I'm a PG, sometimes PG-13 kind of gal, in movies AND in books.  Harlequin-type romance novels? Bleh! No, thank you.  Now, "You've Got Mail" kind of  romance? Absolutely.  Mystery? Bring it on! Suspense? I'll eat it right up! But add the F-word more than once? I won't read another page.  I LOVE memoirs.  Real life stories intrigue me.  Ghost stories are cool, too.  Self-help is good, if it's something I'm, you know, needing help with.  ;)

So, do tell what you think, and I will take all into thoughtful consideration, because I love reading and I love friends and talking about what I've read with friends, especially when we've read the same thing.  ;)


Cortney said...

I think having us email you reviews to post would be awesome. Then you have final say and complete control of your blog! And you know comments are going to turn into a sort of book club for those who have already read and like/dislike the books. I love the same kinds of books, which is why I'm so excited about your blog!

Jami said...

I'm so excited that you're so excited about my blog! ;) Loving these ideas!